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Jeffrey Hammmel

Jeffrey Hammel is a seasoned chief financial officer, Jeffrey has a track record of successfully collaborating with boards of directors, teams responsible for corporate operations, bankers, auditors, lawyers, suppliers, and clients. competent in risk management, acquisition integration, business planning, and business development. Jeffrey has a strong background in finance and a finance-focused MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

Every day, Jeffrey places a great emphasis on adding value to the organization and building relationships based on mutual respect and trust. He has always held the opinion that a person’s position or title inside an organization has no bearing on the significance of their contributions or on their deserving of respect. Jeff values each individual and wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do first. He thinks that everyone in an organization has the potential to come up with amazing ideas; all we need to do is encourage people to share those ideas in a safe setting.

The guiding principles of Jeffrey Hammel are to treat others with respect, give the vital things top priority, act morally at all times, avoid complicating things, and smile. Although Jeff does not claim to be an expert in life or business, he does feel that remembering these five straightforward principles will help you achieve success in life, whatever your definition of success may be.